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Nutritional Fact #1 - Pork is an excellent source of complete protein and is considered a nutrient dense food

Nutritional Fact #2 - Pork is low in cholesterol and saturated fats

Nutritional Fact #3 - Pork is a good source of iron, zinc, the B-group vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium

Nutritional Fact #4 - Several pork cuts are as low in fat as lean poultry cuts

Nutritional Fact #5 - Pork is a white meat and an ideal choice for slimmers and healthy eaters

Winelands Pork City, our butchery situated in Stikland, Bellville, caters for the complete pork meat market. We have a wide variety of pork meat cuts, sausages, mince, sosaties and other value-added products. We also sell whole or half carcasses to the public, informal traders and smaller retailers. Clients can view and select their meat.

Winelands Pork has a team of well-trained staff, knowledgeable about meat, preparation methods and spices. We are extremely proud of our pork dry sausage and biltong range, first in the market. Winelands Pork City takes telephonic orders, to be collected later by our clients.

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