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Die 4de Winelands Pork Karkaskompetisie het op 2 en 3 Maart 2017 plaasgevind. Bestuur bedank eerstens graag die borge wat hierdie kompetisie moontlik gemaak het asook die produsente wat deelgeneem het. Karkasse word deur SAMIC beoordeel volgens gewig, bouvorm en vetverspreiding. Daar was ‘n totaal van 95 inskrywings.



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AFGRI Animal Feeds plays a vital role in the food chain converting raw materials into balanced feed for animal production to feed the nation. AFGRI Animal Feeds strives to be a leader in sustainable business through a comprehensive range of rations for poultry, dairy, beef, sheep, game and pet food.


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A team committed to enhancing animal production in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Profile Feeds animal feed mill specializes in monogastric animal feeds. Our focus is producing high quality swine and poultry feed. The feed mill is ISO 22000 accredited and all feed is manufactured according to AFMA guidelines.

Veels geluk aan die wenners. Die wissel trofee sal tydens ons Algemene Jaarvergadering in September oorhandig word.

Beste Karkas Kategorie

  • Keibees Boerdery – Durbanville
  • Hazeley Top Piggery – Paarl
  • Delta 2 Piggery – Malmesbury

Beste Groep Inskrywing

  • Hazeley Top Piggery – Paarl
  • Delta 2 Piggery – Malmesbury
  • Delta 2 Piggery – Malmesbury

Winelands Pork attended the annual Brackenfell Church Carnival on 27 & 28 May 2016 where pork cuts were sold. Alex, Lana, Julian and Micaela sold pork boerewors, neck steaks, cold meats, ribs etc with big smiles and lots of fun. Not one single person, big or small, could resist buying some Winelands Pork Boerewors or cold meat after we handed them some tasters. The Carnival started the Friday at 17:00 and ended on Saturday afternoon. It was noted that buyers from the Friday came back for more on the Saturday. Thank you NG Church Brackenfell for making us part of your community.


The Winelands Pork Butchery and a Management Team had a mini carnival / team building event at the Butchery on Saturday 4 June 2016. Bok-Radio broadcasted live from 10:00 – 14:00 at the Butchery. Freddy, our Abattoir Manager, was our celebrity for the day on the radio and he invited everyone to come and taste his famous offal-pot, which they did. The girls, Coreen, Nanette, Freynette and Elna as well as the guys, Siya, Alex and Johan Biggs helped with the cooking / braaiing of sausages, neksteaks, “roosterkoeke” and so much more. This teambuilding effort helped the Butchery to reach a new sales record. Thank you guys and girls.

We would like to thank Jacques Coetzee and Jackie Malherbe from Deli Spices who are always willing to help us and make these events much more fun.

Freddy’s Famous Offal Pot is available under RECIPES.


Winelands Pork recently had a very successful outside radio broadcast with Bokradio on Saturday 7 March 2015. Ms Sharon Ulrich (Winelands Pork Customer Liaison Officer) informed clients of pork’s great taste and health benefits. Deli Spice and Freddy Hirsch Spice also had an opportunity to advertise during the broadcast. A jumping castle and face painting area were set up for the kids while mommy and daddy shopped for yummy PORK.

Our very own Mnandi-brand (sausages and pattis) as well as the Winelands Boerewors were so successful that it were sold out long before closing time. The butchery even closed its door an hour later than usual to accommodate all the eager shoppers.

Congratulations to our LUCKY-DRAW winners: Mrs Wentzel, Mr J October, Mr M van Schalkwyk and Mr T Gilbert. Several Deli Spice and Freddy Hirsch prizes were also up for grabs during shopping hours.

Winelands Pork would like to thank Mr Stefan Bester (Delta Valley Werda Farm), Christiaan van Lamp (Mountainview Piggery) and Mr John Morris (Dept. Veekunde) for their sponsorships towards the event. A contribution were also made towards the BOTTELARY UPLIFTMENT PROJECT.

Thank you to all Winelands Pork staff for making this day a GREAT SUCCESS. Our next BOKRADIO EVENT will take place on 26 September 2015.


On Saturday 23 February 2013 a potjie-competition was held for Winelands Pork Staff. The following recipes were tried and tested: The Potjies were judged by Ms Sharon Ulrich and Messrs Ken Polley of Winelands Pork and Graham Dolan of Delta Valley York Farm. Staff and visitors alike, agreed that all potjies tasted great and that it should become an annual event.


The Good Food and Wine Show was recently held in Cape Town and were used as a starting-block to launch our new Mnandi 100% Pure Pork range. Product sampling and interaction between ourselves and consumers guaranteed excellent sales and business relationships.
The Winelands Pork stand at the Good Food and Wine Show.

Winelands Pork sponsored the Brackenfell NG Moedergemeente during their annual carnival on 31 May and 1 June 2013.


Winelands Pork held their first annual carcass competition in 2011. The abattoir were awarded the National Winner of the Commercial Pork Show for 2011 and 2012, hosted by SAMIC.

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Ms. Adèle Venter (Winelands Pork)
presenting the runner-up prize for the
Best Group to Mr Pieter Basson
(manager, De Gift Piggery)

view map
Ms. Alta Britz (Winelands Pork)
presenting the trophy to
Mr Graham Dolan (manager, Delta
Valley York). 1st Prize, Best Group

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Mr Ken Polley (MD, Winelands Pork)
presenting the trophy to Mr Graham Dolan
(manager, Delta Valley York).
1st Prize, Best Carcass

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Guests enjoying our 100% Pure Pork range. mmmMnandi!!!!

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Mr Ken Polley, Managing Director

The winners for 2011 were:
Best Individual carcass:
1st - Hazeley Piggery Bottom Farm – Mr D Osborne
2nd - De Gift Piggery – Mr EH Brink
3rd - Delta Valley Farm (Tana) – Mr M Heramb
Best Group Entry:
1st - De Gift Piggery – Mr EH Brink
2nd - Hazeley Piggery Bottom Farm – Mr D Osborne
3rd - Hazeley Piggery Bottom Farm – Mr D Osborne
The winners for 2012 were:
Best Individual carcass:
1st - Delta Valley Farm (York) – Mr B Rose
2nd - Delta Valley Farm (Tana) – Mr M Heramb
3rd - Delta Two – Mr D Osborne
Best Group Entry:
1st - Skoenmakersfontein – Mr P de Jager
2nd - Delta Valley Farm (Tana) – Mr M Heramb
3rd - University of Stellenbosch Agriculture Dept.
The winners for 2013 were:
Best Individual carcass:
1st - Delta Valley Farm (York) – Mr B Rose
2nd - De Gift Piggery – Mr EH Brink
3rd - Delta Valley Farm (York) – Mr B Rose
Best Group Entry:
1st - Delta Valley Farm (York) – Mr B Rose
2nd - De Gift Piggery – Mr EH Brink
3rd - Delta Valley Farm (York) – Mr B Rose
Upcoming Farmer Category:
1st - Happy Rest Piggery – Mr J Swartz
Winelands Pork would like to thank their 2013 sponsors whom, without their generous contributions, this event would not be possible. Our Producers look forward to this annual competition and we believe this is an encouragement to our producers to supply the market with pork products of superior quality.


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Freddy Williams and Rudi Harmse of Winelands Pork and Ms Carli Nel (Lionels Vet),assisting with numbering and weighing of competition pigs.

Weighing of pigs to determine live weight.